ARF Representative Participates In World Congress Of Patriotic Parti


May 25, 2010 – 13:27 AMT 08:27 GMT

The Russian State Duma hosted the 4th World Congress of Patriotic
Forces, which was convoked at the initiative of Leader of the
Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma
Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

The role of political parties under the conditions of globalization and
global financial crisis was in the focus of the event, which brought
together leaders of parties and parliament members of European, Asian,
Near East, CIS and Baltic countries.

Representative of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun in Russia, President of the
Russian-Armenian Commonwealth organization Yuri Navoyan delivered
a speech to the congress. He presented Dashnaktsyutyun as a stable
political force in Armenia’s political system and all-Armenian
organization uniting the Armenian Diaspora.

Besides, Navoyan referred to a range of directions for political
parties’ activity under the crisis conditions: implementation of
inter-parliamentary cooperation, organization of discussions at the
international level as well as consultations among parties to exchange
experience on overcoming the crisis consequences.

Later, Vladimir Zhirinovsky met with Yuri Navoyan to discuss the
geopolitical situation in the South Caucasus, Russian-Armenian
relations and role of the Armenian Diaspora of Russia.

Navoyan hailed the stance of Zhirinovky concerning rehabilitation of
the historical and political rights of the Armenian people, as well
as his support to self-determination of peoples.

The President of the Russian-Armenian Commonwealth organization
attached importance to participation of Zhirinovsky in events of
the Armenian Diaspora of Russia. The parties confirmed readiness to
cooperate in a range of directions.

Zhirinovsky said that the further development of the Armenian-Russian
strategic relations is an important factor of Armenia’s security in
the region.

From: A. Papazian

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