What Would Happen to Nzhdeh If He Would Open His Eyes to See?

What Would Happen to Nzhdeh If He Would Open His Eyes to See … ?:
Tigran Khzmalyan

13:18 – 22.05.10

Armenian film director Tigran Khzmalyan is against the
Government-backed pending bill on opening foreign-language schools in
Armenia and thinks that the Armenian authorities are just diverting
public attention from other issues.

"I am not against the opening of foreign-language schools, even more I
think that they are necessary, and we have both [foreign-language]
schools and universities, but to open foreign-language primary schools
would be to create a ghetto," Khzmalyan said in an interview with the
Armenian business daily Capital.

"This is a high treason committed by people from the party that is
ruling [in Armenia] and which stands near the monument of Suren
Spandaryan and make fake swears using Garegin Nzhdeh’s name. I would
like that the so-called followers of Nzhdeh closed their eyes for a
moment and imagined what would happen to Garegin Nzhdeh if were to
open his eyes to see what his followers are doing, " Khzmalyan was
reported as saying.