Flora and fauna species in Armenia still threatened with extinction

Tatiana Danielyan: flora and fauna species in Armenia are still
threatened with extinction

May 22, 2010 – 17:28 AMT 12:28 GMT

Total area of natural reserves comprises 11% of RA territory. 60% of
Armenia’s flora and fauna are centred in natural reserves, which is a
satisfactory result, the head of RA Nature Protection Ministry’s Bio-
and Water Resources Department, Tatiana Danielyan stated.

As she said at news conference timed to May 22 International Day for
Biological Diversity, `The number of plants species in Armenia
comprises 5 thousand, with animal species exceeding 17 thousand.
However, they are still threatened with extinction.’

Tatiana Danielyan emphasized the importance of legislative reforms as
well as increased vigilance of the inspection for nature protection in
improving the situation.