Azerbaijan fails propaganda event in Moscow

Azerbaijan fails propaganda event in Moscow

14:19 22/05/2010 » Politics

Azerbaijan initiated a press conference on `Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
in the context of Armenian-Turkish normalization’ at `RIA Novosti’
Russian news agency in Moscow 2 days ago. Azerbaijani side was
represented by Elkhan Nuriyev, Director of the Center for Strategic
Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mili Mejlis
deputy Asim Mollade and political expert Rasim Mosabekov.

8-10 reporters were present, including 7 Azerbaijanis, with the others
representing the Armenian side. What comes surprising is that no
Russian reporters were present at the conference. Azerbaijani side
said Azerbaijan is an economically powerful country and can give more
to Karabakhi people than Armenia.

Armenian reporters had hot discussions with the Azerbaijani side,
which was followed by the ungrounded explanations of the latter over
Azerbaijan’s current aggressive policy. Eventually, as the press
conference turned into hot discussions and Azeris appeared in a
difficult condition, the organizers announced the end of the event.