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During 19-20 May 2010, the Fourth Interreligious Dialogue between the Center
for Interreligious Dialogue, Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and
the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia was held in Antelias.

The Iranian delegation was headed by Dr. Mehdi Mustafawi, Vice-President of
the Islamic Republic of Iran and President of the Center. The members of the
delegation were professors from Universities in Tehran and staff of the

The Armenian delegation consisted of the Prelates of the dioceses in Iran,
an Armenian member of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
representatives of the Executive Committee of Diocesan Councils in Iran,
members of the Executive Council of the Catholicosate, members of the
Ecumenical Relations Committee, bishops and priests, headed by His Holiness
Aram I.

The theme of the dialogue was "Challenges Youth are Facing Today",
reflections on the occasion of the International Year of Youth.

In his opening speech His Holiness Aram I referred to their earlier meetings
and said, "We are meeting once more to discuss issues that are both of
common concern and world-wide preoccupation. He expected that by focusing on
religion, youth and globalization they would enable youth to shape new
visions and revitalize their contribution to society." After thanking
Catholicos Aram for hosting the meeting, Vice-President Mustafawi said that
"the fourth dialogue with its focus on youth is an effort to contribute to
the reflections on the occasion of the International Youth and help them
contribute positively to the challenges they face."

During the two days of meetings participants presented papers on the
following topics: "Religion and Youth", "Youth and Globalization", "Concerns
and Issues Challenging Youth Today" and "Moral and Ethical Approaches in
Accompanying Youth."

The meeting ended with an evaluation session and concluding remarks by His
Holiness Aram I and Vice-President Mehdi Mustafawi. They agreed that their
dialogue had matured and that future meetings should be occasions to deepen
reflection on the issues discussed so far.

Other activities related to the dialogue offered an opportunity for further
conversations to take place. A special session was held between the Middle
East Council of Churches, the National Dialogue Committee of Lebanon and the
participants, during which they discussed common concerns.

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Emil Lazarian

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