Tigran Sargsyan: Armenia Is Interested In Partnership In EurAsEC


MAY 21, 2010

The 26th session of the EurAsEC opened today in
St. Petersburg. Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and the
delegation headed by him also participated in the event. Armenia has
a status of an observer in the institution.

The delegation consists of head of the government’s staff David
Sargsyan, Finance Minister Tigran Davtyan, Deputy Foreign Minister
Shavarsh Kocharyan, Deputy Economy Minister Mushegh Tumasyan and
other officials.

After the narrow meeting of the heads of governments the meeting
continued in "1+2+4" format. Members of the organization are Russia,
Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, observers
are Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine.

Among the core issues discussed is the economic cooperation block. The
heads of executive bodies discussed the decision on prior events of
implementation of cooperation concept in the energy sphere.

At the end of the session the heads of governments discussed the
results of the meeting presenting each his own vision of cooperation
in the establishment.

Armenian Prime Minister pointed out that though Armenia has a status
of an observer but the country follows the process of development of
the organization and is interested in cooperation.

"We are interested in the process of partnership with EurAsEC and
boosting of ties as in this establishment are our partners and we are
implementing partnership within the framework of the CSTO. We are quite
effectively working in the commissions of the establishment and in task
groups including in the anti-crisis foundation and high technology
center. Armenia is coming fourth with initiatives which interest our
partners and we are sure that these initiatives will contribute to
the increase of the level of the establishment," Armenian PM said.

"In the anti-crisis fund we have presented a new project on
construction of "North-South" railway route. It is a great program for
the implementation of which Armenia’s government is ready to provide
guarantees," Tigran Sargsyan said. He expressed assurance that the
program will be of great interest.

The meeting was wrapped up by the working dinner served by Vladimir

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