The Public Council Is Against Creation Of Foreign Language Schools I


MAY 19, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 19, ARMENPRESS: The Public Council is against creation of
foreign language schools in Armenia. Chairman of the Public Council
Vazgen Manukyan called upon the Armenian government at the meeting
with the reporters to recall the bill on creation of foreign language

"The Public council discussed the issue on creation of foreign
language schools and a decision has been made that the approaches
presented in the bill do not correspond to the state interests. It is
necessary to find other way," V. Manukyan said. He suggested creating
Sunday schools, where the children may study certain subjects in
English. V. Manukyan noted that there are countries where the basic
education in foreign language schools is being implemented in mother
language and non-obligatory subjects in foreign language.

"The viewpoints are being voiced that local rich Armenians send their
children to study abroad and if foreign schools exist in Armenia they
will stay here. This phenomenon always existed and is specific only to
our nation. For a part of rich people it is an increase of authority,
opportunity to be seen good in the eyes of society. They do not need
learning chemistry or physics in English," V. Manukyan said.

The chairman of the Public Council suggests developing schools of the
republic and increase the quality of education. According to him,
for Armenian the education system is as important as the army. It
was mentioned many times that it is very important when a child
receives basic education in the mother language and then learns
foreign languages.

Vazgen Manukyan reminded that in not far past there were Russian
schools in Armenia where Armenian children were studying. The 90%
of graduates of those schools do not know the history of the Armenian
people and had issue of writing in Armenian language. According to him,
education is not only giving knowledge, it also forms character.