P. Devejyan Refuses The Preconditions Of Turkey


May 21 2010

"If the Turkish speak in a language of preconditions we shouldn’t
negotiate with them," Patrik Devedjian, French Minister for Economic
Recovery, Head of the Hauts-de-Seine Department said today.

He stressed that he knows what is going on in Armenia and has his own
assessment for everything, but has no right to influence. He attached
importance to the Armenia – Diaspora relations.

"Diaspora has always accepted Armenia with excitement. The condition
of the Armenians of Diaspora is different. They have a moral duty,
to support Armenia and to express its unity, but in the same time
it doesn’t have enough rights as do the Armenians that live here,"
stressed P.Devejyan.

The French-Armenian minister stated that he has visited Armenia for
the first time in 1991 and in comparison with that period Armenia
has an indescribable progress.

"Today Armenia is under the influence of the financial and economic
crises and many construction sites have stopped their work, and also
noticed that in 2010 Armenia as if is coming out of the crises. I
see a little bit of activeness everywhere," said P. Devejyan.