BAKU: US-Turkey Negotiations In Washington


May 21 2010

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Jemil Chichek came to the US capital
to discuss Iran and Armenian issues

Washington. Isabel Levine – APA. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister
Jemil Chichek has discussed the regional security issues with the
Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg and US coordinator for
counterterrorism, Ambassador Daniel Benjamin in Washington DC, on
May 20th 2010.

According to APA’s Washington correspondent, a high level Turkish
official came to the US capital to discuss Iran and Armenian issues
as well as peace and cooperation in the region with American officials.

Official Washington didn’t report on the details on the negotiations.

"We’ve had a number of conversations with Turkey going over several
months", Philip J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State pointed out
in at his Daily Press Briefing. He said the meeting was constructive
though and the sides expressed their views on a number of issues.

On May 20th, Mr. Chichek met with the members of Turkish Diaspora in
Washington DC. Diaspora members told APA that, during the meeting Mr.

Chichek praised the activity of Turkish community against the Armenian
Diaspora in Washington DC and UN on the whole. He said creating a
positive image of Turkey is important not only as an opponent effort
to the Armenians’ activities, but just to bring the rest of the world
to the understanding that Turkey is a friendly and peaceful country.

He called successive the joint Turkish-Azerbaijani protest action
against Armenians that was held last month and praised the co-operation
between Turkish and Azerbaijani communities in US.