BAKU; Azerbaijani Parliament Welcomes Resolution Adopted By European

May 21 2010

The vice speaker of Azerbaijani parliament has commented on the
resolution of the European Parliament adopted on May 20.

"We welcome the resolution adopted by the European parliament
that contains an appeal to Armenia to withdraw its troops from the
occupied Azerbaijani lands. This is an important document of one
of the influential organizations as the European parliament. If
Armenia considers itself to be a member of the world community,
it must fulfill its demand and withdraw from the occupied lands",
vice speaker of Milli Medjlis Bahar Muradova said.

She said the number of international organizations urging Armenia
to observe international law is growing each time and this is a
serious warning that the world does not intend to close eyes on its
occupational policy on Azerbaijan.

"As is known, the UN, Council of Europe, OIC and now the European
parliament have adopted resolutions condemning Armenia for its
occupation of Azerbaijani lands. We expect the NATO Parliamentary
Assembly to take the same decision too. That is, the world has got
assured about the nature of Armenia. And I do not think that it will
avoid responsibility and continue protracting the Karabakh conflict",
she said.

As for the criticism of Armenian FM Edward Nalbandian regarding
the resolution adopted by the European parliament, Muradova noted
that "this is an old tactics of the Armenian leadership to express
resentment over the just resolutions of international organizations".

"However, this will not help the as time is pressing and the world
expects Armenia to show a constructive approach to the conflict
settlement, otherwise, it will face the rest of the world", Muradova

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