The Medical Insurance Within 30%


May 20 2010

"The medical insurance is very important in any developed country; it
is stated by the legislation and is very necessary for the population,"
today on the meeting with the journalists said Vilen Hakobyan
Academician-secretary of the division of Natural sciences of NAS RA.

Welcoming the voluntarily insuring medical concept the speaker
said if the whole nation would be involved in that system it will
be significant.

V. Hakobyan, mentioned that it is possible that the medical insurance
will help those who have work and are not the same as the 70% of
the population.

And the medical insurance will be used by the 30% of the population.

The speaker mentioned with pain that for Armenia which doesn’t have
too much finances it is impossible to implement medical insurance.

The speaker considers the voluntary principle correct, as according
to Vilen Hakobyan in Armenia there can not be an obligatory medical