New Document On The Table In Armenia-Turkey Normalization?


There is a new document on the Yerevan-Ankara negotiation table,
Vice-President of the Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party
(AKP) Suat Kiniklioglu said at a conference in Washington.

Saying that Yerevan and Ankara have agreed to "keep silent" for
a moment and discuss what is put on the table of negotiations,
Kiniklioglu said: "Something totally different is put on the table. I
will not elaborate, but I will say that it is a perfect proposal, and
whether or not it will be adopted, will depend on the Armenian side."

Kiniklioglu also said that he has always backed the Armenia-Turkish
normalization and will do so in the future too.

"Because I do believe that it will change the [situation in the]
whole South Caucasus," said he, adding that the normalization of
relations will be possible assuming the Armenians and the Turks
demonstrate political will.

At the same time, Kiniklioglu mentioned that any mediation attempt
by third parties will not be useful for the normalization at all.

Repeating Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Kiniklioglu
said the Armenia-Turkey normalization and the Karabakh settlement
are two parallel processes.