Armenian Foreign Ministry: Baku Is Talking To Itself


May 19 2010

In his interview with Haylur analytical talk show, aired by the
Armenian Public TV, Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh
Kocharian has commented the statements of Azerbaijani President
Ilham Aliev.

When asked about the current stage of the negotiations, Shavarsh
Kocharian said: "It’s reliably known that there is the only document
is on the table, accepted by the sides as a basis for negotiations –
the Madrid Document of 2007, containing the Basic Principles of the
settlement to the Karabakh conflict. Then the Co-Chairs delivered some
proposals, which were exactly rejected by the Azerbaijani side. The
recent example is the withdrawal of the snipers from the boundary,
categorically rejected by Azerbaijan.

"The disclosed part of the Madrid Document shows that the settlement to
the conflict contains three international norms – self-determination
of the nations, territorial integrity, and non-use of force. The
statements that Azerbaijan is used to making are contrary to the
Madrid Document. This makes one think that Baku is talking to itself,
coming to some acceptable for itself decisions and is trying to submit
its own wishes as a result of negotiations.

Definitely, this is a falsification of the talks," said Shavarsh

When asked to comment the information that is being spread by the
Turkish and Azerbaijani media about surrendering of territories and,
in particular, the statements of Aliev and Erdogan, Kocharian said:
"If one says ‘halva,’ it doesn’t sweeten your mouth. Regarding to
the statements, in the end, the conflict has its certain causes and
there is a responsible side for the consequences.

"The conflict’s roots are obvious: they come from the exercising the
right of the people of Nagorno Karabakh to self-determination. And
what’s the reason for the conflict? Actually, the reason is
Azerbaijan’s implementation of the violence policy – mass killings
and massacres against civil Armenian population, ethnic massacres,
and aggression. Who is responsible for consequences? Surely, that
is Azerbaijan, an aggressor, who from the beginning acted by means
of force and violence and launched a military aggressive campaign
against Nagorno Karabakh. This is the essence of reality."