Throw Your Draft Law In The Garbage


"The 2012 elections have launched," announced today independent
deputy Victor Dallakyan during a discussion on the draft law for
making changes in the RA law on "Television and Radio".

Victor Dallakyan has understood the essence of the draft law. "The
government is taking the most powerful lever for propaganda under
its control." According to the deputy, the key to this draft law is
to divide television stations into thematic directions which sets
limits on people’s right to receiving information.

Apparently, this draft law facilitates control over television stations
with a general direction and the government is taking this step by
taking into account that Yerevan is Armenia’s most politicized and
active city and the mode set in Yerevan can set the mode in the
entire country.

Deputies of the oppositional "Heritage" faction also made similar
speeches. Armen Martirosyan said the broadening of digital
broadcasters would not be by chance after 2013. "That is exactly
when the parliamentary and presidential elections end and until then,
the government is telling television companies to not hope for airtime.

They need television companies that will shed light as told from the
presidential residence."

"Why are you prohibiting me from considering "A1+" and "Noyan Tapan"
as a source of information?" he continued.

BHK (Prosperous Armenia) member Naira Zohrabyan and "Heritage" faction
leader Stepan Safaryan were concerned about the environment in which
the discussion was held. It was held in an almost empty hall as a
mandatory draft law that needed to be discussed without being discussed
by the superior committee, a conclusion and under a 24-hour regime.

"What is the rush? Why is the government rushing?" asked Stepan
Safaryan. He asks why the government had to come up with 60 articles
when it could have composed its main goal in one article. "As a deputy,
I have the right and demand throwing this draft law in the garbage,"
said Stepan Safaryan.

Participating in the discussions were deputies of "Heritage" and the
ARF, as well as Naira Zohrabyan and Victor Dallakyan. The majority of
deputies did not express their positions on the issue. The discussion
will continue tomorrow.