Czech PM Visits Armenia, Outlines Chances Of Cooperation


Prague Daily Monitor
May 18 2010
Czech Rep

Yerevan, May 17 (CTK) – Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer, who started
a two-day visit to Armenia Monday, said after a meeting with his
counterpart Tigran Sargsyan that there are chances of extending
Czech exports to and imports from Armenia regardless of the present
difficult period.

He gave possible cooperation in tourism, information technologies
and transport as examples.

The Armenian media quoted Fischer as saying that after a few hours in
Armenia he noticed that there was a lot of female employees in Armenia.

"I’m glad to stay in Armenia and I can’t keep it for myself that I’m
pleased to see so many employed women. I could not overlook this,"
Fischer told journalists.

Commenting on the dispute over Nagorno Karabakh, an Armenian enclave
in Azerbaijan, which is a key issue of Armenian policy, Fischer
appreciated Armenia’s approach to it and said Yerevan is "following
the right path."

He warned against rash steps provoking a war, and supported the
efforts of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s
(OSCE) Minsk group, which has been seeking a political solution to
the problem since 1994.

Shortly before Fischer’s Armenian trip, Czech Foreign Minister Jan
Kohout paid a visit to Azerbaijan. He opened the Czech embassy in Baku.

Kohout said on Friday that the Karabakh conflict must be solved on
the basis of international law, including the principle of state’s
territorial integrity.

He said he was for the internationally recognised borders of Azerbaijan
to be respected.