Who Benefited From The Convict’s Death?

Who Benefited From The Convict’S Death?


A third person convicted for the October 27 parliamentary carnage
died Friday in Nubarashen prison.

Norayr Eghiazaryan, another convict in the case, died in the
same prison on August 29, 2000. According to forensic examination,
Eghiazaryan died of high voltage electricity though some sources said
he died of injuries in the head.

Norayr Eghiazaryan was the person who had sold weapons to the group of
terrorists that rushed in the Armenian parliament and killed members
of parliament and government on October 27, 1999.

On April 16, 2004, another executor of the terrorist attack Vram
Galstyan sentenced to life imprisonment, committed suicide in
Nubarashen jail. Galstyan reportedly behaved strangely before the
death promising to reveal details of the attack.

Before the death, Vram Galstyan was moved to a solitary confinement
cell at his own request. Galstyan was the uncle of the terrorists’
ringleader Nairi Hunanyan.

After the accident, Samvel Hovhannisyan, head of the Penitentiary
Department, announced that Vram had frequently attempted suicide.

On March 15, 2010 jailed gunman Hamlet Stepanyan died suddenly in
Nubarashen. Unlike the other members of the group, Hamlet was sentenced
to 14 years in prison and was to come out in 2-3 years. He was not
directly involved in the events taking place inside the National
Assembly and waited outside the parliament building. Hamlet Stepanyan
joined the group in the morning of October 27, 1999.

"I am convinced that Stepanyan had no information about the real
organizers of the parliamentary carnage. At the same time, I am
confident that that Stepanyan possessed information about forces
which were to join the group after the killings," representative of
Demirtchyan’s legal interests Ashot Sargsyan told A1+.

"In this sense, Stepanyan’s death was advantageous to criminals who
were waiting for Derenik Bezhanyan’s call to join the criminal group."

Ashot Sargsyan is waiting for coroner’s conclusion although he believes
the official version will be exactly the same as was in the case of
Vram Galstyan. Mr. Sargsyan stresses the importance of human rights
defenders who have to monitor the disclosure of true circumstances
of the death.

Asked whether the other members of the group are not periled, Mr.
Sargsyan said: "It is not excluded that Nairi Hunanyan may be found
death one day but it will raise the need for power change. As long as
Nairi and Karen Hunanyans and Edik Grigoryan are alive, the power will
not resign as the new authorities will disclose the true organizers
of October 27 through the group."

October 27, 1999 a group of terrorists rushed in the Armenian
parliament hall and shot point-blank leaders and members of the
Armenian parliament and government. Eight were killed – National
Assembly speaker Karen Demirchian, prime minister Vazgen Sargsian,
parliament vice-speakers Yuri Bakhshian and Ruben Miroyan, minister
for operational issues Leonard Petrosian, parliament deputies Armenak
Armenakian, Henrik Abrahamian, Mikayel Kotanian.

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