BAKU: OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs cannot deal with Armenia?

Today, Azerbaijan
May 15 2010

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs cannot deal with Armenia?

15 May 2010 [10:42] – Today.Az

They say that when Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan was shown Wi-Fi
for the first time, he was very happy because he thought it was
invented in Armenia. When he was shown how the word is spelled (Wi-Fi,
not Wai-Fai), he got a little sad. But he still sticks to the thought
that Wi-Fi was first invented in Armenia.

It has always been hard to seriously negotiate with these kinds of
people. It is a living hell to have a conflict with such a person. And
we know this from experience. Azerbaijan would not have been so
patient had it not been for the so-called OSCE Minsk Group

The co-chairs have really stepped up their efforts in recent years.
They have come up with solutions and projects to resolve the conflict.
When they put forward the Madrid principles, it seemed the end was
near. But something was wrong with these principles. The co-chairs
updated the principles and submitted them to the parties. Azerbaijan
accepted them and announced its willingness to negotiate on their

However, Yerevan announced that it wanted two weeks to think a little.
But Armenia has delayed its answer for several months without saying
"yes" or "no." The reasons for this indecision are unclear. One can
only assume that Yerevan would gladly say "yes," but is afraid to
anger the diaspora. It would be terrible to give a firm "no." Sargsyan
fears Baku’s patience will run out one day.

We are accustomed to indecisions and prevarications by the Armenian
side during negotiations. They are used to sending the president to
the restroom to exclude him from vital negotiations. They are used to
eating dolmas at the Turkish prime minister’s house, participating in
football diplomacy and disrupting the process of normalizing ties with
Ankara upon returning to Yerevan. So, the absence of a response from
Yerevan to the principles is understandable.

However, the behavior of the OSCE Minsk Group is not understandable at
all. No matter whether they are negotiators or mediators, they are
professional diplomats above all else and therefore people with common

So, common sense should have it that if one of the sides accepted the
updated principles and the other side did not, then the group should
work with the latter.

Why then did they invite Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar
Mammadyarov to the next meeting with his Armenian counterpart already
present? What would they discuss? The attitude of the Azerbaijani side
is already clear.

Maybe they want to meet for the sake of meetings? But we do not need
this in the least. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry reported that the
minister will not attend a meeting with the co-chairs due to his busy
schedule. On the other hand, it is clear that if the meeting had at
least some sense, the schedule could be changed. In addition, the
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry makes it clear that Azerbaijan has
announced its attitude toward the Madrid principles and `the co-chairs
should do more work with the Armenian side."

It might be difficult for the mediators to deal with the Armenian side
and they want Azerbaijan to persuade Nalbandian and his bosses to
soberly review the updated Madrid principles. In this case, why do we
need you?

Leave us alone with the aggressor, and you will see how quickly we
will stop their occupation of our lands. Moreover, it is unlikely that
we will have to use force. As soon as Armenia realizes that it has to
face Azerbaijan without any intermediaries, it will immediately
liberate all the occupied territories to the last centimeter.

So, maybe the OSCE Minsk Group should be abolished or at least the
sides should renounce their services? If the three co-chairs, who hail
from respected powers, cannot cope with Armenia, then maybe it is
better if they just step aside.

H. Hamidov