JACES employees visit Milano owner

JACES employees visit Milano owner

06:08 pm | May 14, 2010 | Social

Employees of the RA Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service today
were at 24 Aram visiting Hovhannes Ghukasyan, owner of "Milano"
boutique and assistant director of "Olympus" cooperative.

They broke into the house by breaking down the door and loaded the
goods into a truck.
It is two years the Ghukasyans do not live in the house as it has been
damaged by a construction going on in the neighbourhood.

To recall, according to a Yerevan court decision, the territory of the
trade hall located on 4 Abovyan Street was declared a zone of
prevailing public interest. The owner of the territory was considered
to be Avo Ltd.

Ghakasyan refused to abandon the territory that belonged to him,
because he did not agree with the inadequate compensation he was

Ghakasyan argues that the 88 million AMD proposed as compensation was
not transferred to his account.