George Jamgochian Honorary Pres for Homenetmen’s 35th Navasartian

George Jamgochian Named Honorary President for Homenetmen’s 35th
Annual Navasartian Games

by Asbarez
Friday, May 14th, 2010

The opening ceremonies of Homenetmen’s 35th Annual Navasartian
Athletic Games, held on Saturday, May 8 at Birmingham High School, was
highlighted by the official announcement by the Regional Executive
that George Abraham Jamgochian, a noble Armenian and Homenetmen member
and advocate, has graciously accepted the role of title of Honorary
President for the 2010 Navasartian Games.

Meeting with Jamgochian following the ceremonies, offered more insight
into his personal and professional background. Born in 1926 in Bourj
Hammoud, Lebanon’s Nor Marash neighborhood, he was the second of
Abraham and Mariam Jamgochian’s four children. As a student, he
attended the Forty Martyrs Armenian National School in his community.

With great confidence, Jamgochian explained, `I only earned an
elementary-level education. I self-taught myself to both read and
write Armenian. My life experiences in and of themselves have taught
me a great deal.’

As a young adult who joined the ranks of the Armenian Revelutionary
Federation and with the previous editor of Aztag Daily Newspaper, Haig
Balian, as his godfather, Jamgochian served his organization through
the Sardarabad Gomideh’s Ohanchanian group.

Also, at an early age, he exposed himself to a variety of trades and
from 1954-1956 was employed as a compositor at the Aztag
printing-press in Lebanon. In 1956, after being offered a position for
`Hairenik,’ the official publication of the ARF in Boston, Jamgochian
relocated to the east coast. However, after one year and unable to
grow accustomed to the area’s cold climate, he moved to Los Angeles in

George Jamgochian met Makrouhi Sakajian in 1972. The two married and
had one child, a son, who they named after his father, George.
Jamgochian affirmed that after working in different occupations, in
the end, he and his wife established a sewing business, which brought
them great success.

Sadly, in 2005, Jamgochian lost his wife to cancer. Recalling his late
wife with great emotion, he stated, `My wife passed away from lung
cancer, which resulted from smoking. For this very reason, I advise
our young generation not to smoke and, instead, be productive by
becoming actively involved in organizations such as Homenetmen.’

Now retired, Jamgochian spends his free time visiting various Armenian centers.

When asked to explain what Homenetmen and the Navasartian Athletic
Games, in particular, signify for him, Jamgochian stated, `I have
regularly followed the work and activities of Homenetmen, which
include attending the Navasartian games, and admire its high level of
organization. My desire to sponsor the Navasartian Games stemmed from
being inspired by Homenetmen’s great services. I am pleased to be
Honorary President and will assume the position with the utmost
responsibility. Furthermore, I commend the Homenetmen Regional
Executive and chapter executive members, who tirelessly volunteer
their time to assemble our Armenian youth under the motto `Elevate
Yourself and Others With You.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, Jamgochian expressed his sincere
thankfulness to the Homenetmen Western USA Regional Executive, who
entrusted him with the role of Honorary President for the 35th Annual
Navasartian Athletic Games. Given that Homenetmen is an organization
that he holds dear to his heart, Jamgochian concluded by making a plea
to Armenian families in the region to have their children join the
organization, which will help shape their lives and character.

We congratulate George A. Jamgochian on his new title, for which he is
undeniably worthy, and hope to take great example from him.