Bako Sahakyan: Peace Has Been Preserved By Now Thanks To Heroic Army

17:37 10/05/2010


Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan delivered a speech Sunday
in connection with the Victory Holiday, the Day of the NKR Defense
Army and the liberation of Shoushi, congratulated the veterans,
defense army soldiers, officers, generals.

"Dear compatriots,

Respected veterans of the Great Patriotic and Artsakh Liberation Wars,

Soldiers, officers and generals of the Artsakh Republic Defense Army

I cordially congratulate you on the Victory Holiday, the day of the
Artsakh Republic Defense Army and the liberation of Shoushi.

Today our people celebrate one of the dearest and brightest holidays
– the 65th anniversary of the Victory Day. The entire Soviet people
have been standing in the source of this victory paying a very high
price to withstand the evil threatening both their Motherland and
the whole mankind.

The brave sons of Artsakh had a considerable contribution to forging
this sacred victory. From the very first days of the Great Patriotic
every third person in Artsakh, over 45 thousand people, left for the
battlefront. Half of them never came back.

During the Second World War years our small highland gave 3 marshals,
one admiral of the USSR, dozens of generals, 35 heroes of the Soviet
Union, two of which have been conferred this title twice.

The contribution of the Artsakh people to securing a viable rear
was also heroic. Every single family partook at this cherished
undertaking. Everybody worked day and night guided by this very slogan:
"Everything for the battlefront, everything for the victory".

>>From 1992 to 1994 our generation brought up by the example of
their brave fathers and grandfathers managed to carry on a struggle
against the enemy who wanted to force Nagorno-Karabakh to knees. Our
people not only gave a worthy counter-stroke to the enemy, but also
liberated one of the ancient Armenian fortresses – historical Shoushi,
which symbolizes the beginning of our victories.

For all this we primarily owe to all those who sacrificed their lives
for the freedom of our Motherland. Eternal memory to our martyrs!

With joint efforts of the whole Armenian people, due to the
Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity our nation managed to confront severe
ordeals and establish peace in the native land. This peace has been
preserved by now thanks to the heroic army of Artsakh that was fated
to be formed and tempered in the war imposed on us.

The Defense army has worthily conquered the right to be the reliable
guarantee of the independence and security of our country and people.

The state will continue direct all efforts to increase efficiency of
the army, to provide continuous development of the country, improve
living conditions of the people, secure peaceful and prosperous life
of the citizens.

Friends, today we celebrate on a nationwide basis the 65th anniversary
of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Day of the Artsakh
Republic Defense Army and the liberation of Shoushi. The heroic pages
of our history became the symbol of dignity, hope, selflessness,
unity and patriotism for all generations. The sons of Artsakh as
worthy descendents of their fathers and grandfathers will continue
their deeds with flying colors and do their best for the sake of our
free and independent Motherland.

Honor and glory to the Armenian people, Honor and glory to the Armenian
Army, Honor to the Artsakh Republic!," the President’s speech reads.

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