L. Alaverdyan: Shushi is our spiritual fortress

Aysor, Armenia
May 8 2010

L. Alaverdyan: Shushi is our spiritual fortress

`Today is a significant day for us as returning Shushi, its liberation
meant for us a greater moral victory than it seemed for us in 1992
when we were still in war,’ said Larisa Alaverdyan the secretary of
Heritage parliamentary group and added, `Little by little the
liberation of Shushi becomes more and more significant fort the
Armenian Nation.’

According to L. Alaverdyan Shushi is not only a fortress and an
important point from the strategic point of view, but it is also our
spiritual fortress.

`The liberation of that spiritual fortress will remain one of the most
glorious pages in the history of Armenia,’ stressed L. Alaverdyan.

The Secretary of the party said she thinks that the Armenians living
in Armenia do not yet realize the significance of the liberation of
Shushi as it is required.

`I wish every one to know every page of our new history, especially
the young generation should know about the liberation war, each of
them by faces, by days by every episode,’ L. Alaverdyan said and
noticed, `It was not a battle for survival, and not for liberation but
a heroic war.’