Liberation of Shushi is One of the Best Moments in Our History

Liberation of Shushi is One of the Best Moments in Our History: Jirayr Sefilyan

11:50 – 08.05.10

The liberation of Shushi is one of the best moments in our peoples’
history in a sense that rare have been occasions in our history when
all the Armenians have been unified around one objective and idea,
commander of the special battalion of Shushi Jirayr Sefilyan described
the liberation of Shushi while talking to

`I am sure that there would be no single person on Earth who would be
opposed to the liberation of Shushi, and in that sense it was a good
moment,’ said Sefilyan, adding that those who were fighting in the
frontline could feel the people’s moral support then.

At the same time Sefilyan mentioned that the Armenian soul of has lost
some of its good qualities.

`I would say that our soul has declined quite enough mainly because we
were not able to establish a right co-existence, a moral co-existence,
a just co-existence,’ said Sefilyan.

He also said that it is already the third year since they do not have
a proper mood to celebrate the liberation of Shushi simply because
there are problems in the country, because people like Sasun Mikaelyan
are in prison, and the Armenian people is oppressed by the rich.

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