Parliamentary Assembly Of Francophonie Gives Great Opportunities To


MAY 5, 2010

The Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie (PAF) is a large
and authoritative organization, whose system of values is based on
values of democracy, human rights, legal state and all other values
representing the European system of values, said Armen Rustamian –
Head of the Armenian delegation in PAF. He declared during a talk
with reporters at the 23th European regional forum of PAF held in
Yerevan on May 4 that Armenia (which previously had the status of
an observer, while currently it has the status of PAF’s associated
member) received greater opportunities to become fully involved in
this organization and work in various directions.

In his words, the indicated international organization has several
thematic commissions dealing with problems of extension of political
and interparliamentary ties, and the Armenian delegates in all
these commissions have much work to do in order to present Armenia’s
problems in greater detail and use the opportunities provided by the
organization. The membership of PAF in particular allows Armenia to
communicate with several dozen African countries, with which Armenia
has no occasion to communicate directly, except within the framework
of the United Nations. "Very often we need assistance of this or
that country and naturally, such ties are useful so that they could
become acquainted with our problems and have better knowledge of all
regional problems," A. Rustamian noted.

Speaking about the PAF’s 23th forum entitled "The Problems and
Challenges of Educational Systems in Our Societies in the Context
of Socioeconomic and Cultural Developments", A. Rustamian said that
more than 80 representatives of various European countries, who have
arrived in Armenia, will visit the Bryusov Linguistic University and
the French University of Armenia as well as a number of schools in
Yerevan to familiarize themselves with educational reforms in Armenia
and the teaching of French at educational institutions. A number
of projects to be implemented in Armenia, including the project on
broadcasting programs of TV-5 – Francophonie’s television channel,
will also be discussed at the forum.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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