Kocharyan Establishing Himself Through Killing?



President of the "Association for Sustainable Human Development",
member of the Public Council Karine Danielyan disapproves of Robert
Kocharyan’s photos taken after a lion hunt.

In an interview with "A1+", Danielyan recalled that local environmental
protectionists had caused uproar after Robert Kocharyan went hunting
in a helicopter in the Republic of Kom years ago.

"What do we expect, if men feel strong to this day, are able to hunt
from a helicopter and are still thinking about royal hunting? He
thinks highly of himself and has to establish himself by killing
animals. We are dealing with the mindset of age-old people. That
mentality is gone. It is a shame for it to be reinforced in Armenia.

There should be political will to consider it a shame and not a mark
of royal elite," said Danielyan.

Director of the World Nature Foundation Armenia Office Karen Manvelyan
considers Robert Kocharyan’s "lion hunt" photos to be normal because,
according to him, similar hunts are often organized in African
countries. He took note that hunters pay for hunting and some of that
money goes to the conservation and reproduction of that same type.

"This is applied in any developed country. It’s just that the concept
of hunting economy, the idea and the culture in general don’t exist
in Armenia yet," said Karen Manvelyan, noting that he is unaware of
how much money is spent for such hunting. "Every national hunting
economy may have its own price list."

Do you know other current or former presidents who hunt, besides
Robert Kocharyan? In response, Karen Manvelyan said:

"I know many presidents. Russia’s current and former presidents hunt."

Manvelyan wasn’t able to say why their photos are not posted on
"hunting" websites.

Let us remind that photos of Robert Kocharyan’s hunt were posted on
and were removed after publications in
the presses.


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