Susi Kentikian: I Know I’ll Be Better Next Time


April 30, 2010 – 15:14 AMT 10:14 GMT

Four days after her split decision win over Nadia Raoui, unbeaten
WBA/WBO/WIBF female flyweight world champion Susi Kentikian is taking
it easy visiting her grandfather Hayk from Los Angeles and enjoying
her new pink WBO women’s championship belt.

Commenting on her fight against Nadia Raoui in an interview with, Susi Kentikian said: "That was a very close result. And
when I saw iton TV, I admit that Nadia made a super strong impression.

But I didn’t feel her pressure in the ring."

"In the last year I’ve boxed against four world champions and won four
times. That says something about the matter. I wasn’t in top form,
which I had expected of myself. Still the win was justified."

"I will fight Nadia again. She has earned a rematch. And I’m sure
the fans would also like this. But now I have to recharge my battery
again. In my life it always goes up and down – up to now that has
only made me stronger. So I take the very nasty criticism with mixed
emotions. I know I’ll be better next time."

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