My Son Was Cruelly Killed


The relatives of the 24-year old Vahan Khalafyan, who, according
to the police chief Alik Sargsyan, allegedly committed "suicide"
in Charentsavan police department, are convinced that he was killed.

According to the relatives, Vahan was tortured and then killed in
the department.

Vahan’s mother Anahit says that her son had a cross-shaped stab wound
on his chest, his whole face and body were covered with scratches
and bruises, two stab wounds were found on his stomach.

Vahan Khalafyan’s mother outraged that during a press conference Alik
Sargsyan said, that the police arrested her son and he laid hands
on himself. But how could Vahan draw a cross on his chest with a
knife, and then make another hit in the stomach? "If the police chief
behaves this way, there is nothing to say nothing about the rest’,
said the mother.

The Police head motivates the version of suicide by Vahan’s
"pathological tendency", because of which Vahan was found unfit to
military service.

The mother said that she liberated her son from his service in the
army. She says that it is the police to suffer pathology.

Vahan Khalafyan was taken to the police on suspicion of theft without
a warrant and related documents. Anahit says she learnt about it only
when she came back home from work, but Vahan was taken to the police
in the morning. He was kept in the office from 10.30 to 4.30, was
beaten so that his whole body was blue. My son was killed in agony,
his mother said.

The relatives of Vahan tell that they visited him twice and brought
to eat for him. They say they visited him near 16 o’clock and when
they came back after one hour, the deputy head of Charentsavan police
said Vahan killed himself.

The police brought up a criminal case under article "incitement to
suicide". The case is assigned to the Special Investigation Service. A
forensic examination has been held. Several theories are put forward,
including the murder of Vahan in the Charentsavan police department.

Vahan’s relatives are determined to reveal the truth and to call for
responsibility those guilty. Note none of the police officers attended
Vahan’s funeral.