Regular Monitoring Of The Armenian-Azerbaijani Contact Line Conducte


APRIL 27, 2010

YEREVAN, APRIL 27, ARMENPRESS: Regular monitoring of the
Armenian-Azerbaijani contact line in the territory of the Koti village
of the Armenian province of Tavush was conducted today but because
of bad weather conditions and fog no visual contact was established.

March 3 an Azerbaijani division group has been unarmed. Colonel of the
Armenian Armed Forces Andranik Mkrtumyan said that the Armenian side
suggested that a direct contact be established but the Azerbaijani
side refused to do so.

The field assistants of the personal representatives of the OSCE
acting chairman and Colonel of the Armenian Armed Forces Andranik
Mkrtumyan participated in the monitoring from the Armenian side.

Andrzej Kasprzyk this time participated from the Azerbaijani side.

A. Mkrtumyan told the reporters that earlier it was intended that the
monitoring be conducted in the sector of Chinar village but with the
decision of Kasprzyk it was conducted in Koti taking into consideration
the March 3 incident.

During the consultation held in Koti community office Mkrtumyan told
the OSCE representatives that according to the Geneva convention the
Armenian side returned to the Azerbaijani side two bodies of members
of diversion group.

Mkrtumyan pointed out that almost everyday the Azerbaijani side opens
fire in the direction of Koti. Only this year 75 cases of violation
of ceasefire have been registered in the direction of Koti.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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