V. Oskanian "It Is No Time To Gloat"



Armenia’s ex Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian comments on the recent
developments in the Armenian-Turkish reconciliation process.

"From the very beginning, it was evident that this unwanted peace
process could not extend and the authorities would have to admit the
reality one day," said Mr. Oskanian.

The ex foreign minister is surprised at two things in the process.

"First, Armenian authorities today openly announce that they heard
Turkey setting preconditions to Armenia’s detriment for a year. And
for a year our authorities stated that the protocols carry no
preconditions. Moreover, they hailed the process and considered it an
unprecedented diplomatic victory in the history of Armenia. Second,
of numerous solutions the authorities chose the most unfavourable
for Armenia."

Turkey has no commitments in view of the border opening until the
Karabakh conflict is settled. Turkey sought to relieve of the burden
from the beginning. With its decision to suspend the protocols,
Armenia did what Turkey had longed for at the same time enabling
Turkey to be actively involved in the Karabakh conflict settlement."

Mr. Oskanian calls everyone’s attention to further developments of
Armenian-Turkish relations in the context of Karabakh issue. "The
authorities claim to be proceeding with the negotiations. But it is
no time to gloat or prove one’s veracity. Everything is obvious. The
negotiations are a failure and the situation should be recovered even
at the expense of political changes."

Mr. Oskanian urges Armenian authorities to display courage and face
the reality in the Karabakh issue. The sides’ indiscreet policy has
led Armenian-Turkish relations to a deadlock. These new tendencies can
further deteriorate the delicate situation and darken the possibility
of positive developments.

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