VTB Bank (Armenia) Delivers Money Reward To Winners Of Drawing Among



ArmInfo. VTB Bank (Armenia) has delivered 300,000 drams each to
winners of a regular drawing among its clients – the best subscribers
of Armvodokanal CJSC.

As VTB Bank (Armenia) press service told ArmInfo, rewarding ceremony
was held on April 22. According to the source, Armvodokanal has
been holding an unprecedented action among the Company’s fair users
jointly with VTB Bank (Armenia) being a sponsor general of the action
and the Company’s main partner-bank on collection of water payments
in Armenian regions. The action is held once per four months, and 4
winners are determined in each round. Each of 4 winners gets 300,000
drams and VISA plastic cards from VTB Bank (Armenia), as well as
memorable certificates from Armvodokanal CJSC.

"We are very happy for our bank jointly with one of the big corporate
clients and partners, Armvodokanal Company, continued this tradition
in 2010. It is a great honour for the bank to take part in such an
action", Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors of
VTB Bank (Armenia) Valery Ovsyannikov said. In his turn, Technical
Director and acting Director General of Armvodokanal CJSC Kamo
Aghababyan expressed gratitude to VTB Bank in Armenia and called on
the country’s population to make timely water payments and through
the banks, as this way is convenient, quick and reliable.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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