Heritage Party Welcomes Ruling Coalition’s Initiative


April 22 2010

The Armenian ruling coalition’s initiative to remove the
Armenian-Turkish protocols from the Parliament’s agenda is an
advisable, but a belated and half-hearted step, Armen Martirosyan,
Board Chairman, Heritage Party, told NEWS.am.

He stressed that Armenia must withdraw its signature from the protocols
to prove its integral position. "If a new process is initiated in the
future, it must only concern the establishment of diplomat relations
and reopening of borders – all the other issues must be discussed
afterwards. But the Armenian-Turkish protocols contained at least two
preconditions, namely, the recognition of the modern Turkiosh-Armenian
border and consideration of the issue of the Armenian Genocide from
the scientific, rather than political aspect.

Ankara only failed to implement its third precondition, the one
related to Nagorno-Karabakh," Martirosyan said.

According to him, the international community is unlikely to accuse
Armenia of "destructivism." "The international community is well
aware of the great tolerance shown by Armenia in the Armenian-Turkish
process," he said. Martirosyan pointed out that that Armenia must
first of all give priority to its national interests. He stressed
that Turkey is unlikely to manipulate this statement, as it clearly
says that the process will be resumed as soon as Ankara is ready.

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