What Did Serzh Sargsyan Ask For?



"The fact that Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan requested a meeting
with his Russian counterpart Dmitri Medvedev testifies to the failure
of the Washington meetings," head of Heritage faction Stepan Safaryan
told A1+.

Obviously, recent developments in the Armenian-Turkish peace process
and Karabakh issue settlement are not favorable to Armenia, otherwise
Serzh Sargsyan would not go on holiday and request a meeting with
Dmitri Medvedev," he added.

Stepan Safaryan does not doubt that both Armenia and Turkey displayed
unyielding standpoints in Washington and Turkey pushed forward its
preconditions that conflict with Armenia’s interests.

"Eventually, Armenian authorities should withdraw from the
reconciliation process. Unfortunately, our authorities were forced
to compromise in some issues, as they fear to lose power."

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev will pay a regional visit on
May 11-13.

In reply to A1+’s remark whether Russia has decided to have a whack at
Armenian-Turkish rapprochement, Mr. Safaryan said, "A weird situation
is created over the Karabakh conflict. At first, Turkey seemed to
be eager to get engaged in the talks and take the initiative. Taking
into consideration the fact that Turkey is not involved in the talks,
we can say that Turkey has managed to influence the process to its
profit. Today, Turkey dictates its will to the world and calls for
frequent meetings exerting pressure on the sides."

Stepan Safaryan thinks a document will soon be bound to Armenia
concerning the conflict settlement. Therefore, he suggests that Serzh
Sargsyan address interior issues upon his return from holiday.

"The authorities should disclose the terrorist act of March 1, 2008,
release political prisoners, respect and protect the rights of RA
citizens. All these issues affect the country’s political course and
pave way for outer pressure."

"Serzh Sargsyan cannot seek justice in foreign policy unless he has
administered justice inside his country," concluded Stepan Safaryan.

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