Toyota Not To Recall Vehicles From Armenia

April 20 2010

Toyota Motor Corporation did not send official message to Armenian
representative Toyota-Yerevan for vehicles recalling, company’s
manager Sergo Elbakyan told commenting on "Toyota Motors"
decision to recall around 34.000 SUVs Lexus Land Cruiser Prado from
several countries.

Representative informed that the company sells Land Cruiser Prado
cars though Lexuses are not for free sale but based on orders several
samples were imported to Armenia.

Elbakyan said that Toyota produces unique models for different regions
and these one most probably have security issues. Interestingly,
SUV Land Cruiser Prado costs from 18 m. 850 thousand – to 29 m. 900
thousand AMD in Yerevan.

Japanese giant Toyota decided to recall 34.000 SUVs from U.S.,
Canada, Russia, Oman and UAE after American journal Consumer Reports
called Lexus GX 460 model not conforming to safety requirements and
recommended car enthusiasts not to buy them.

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