95 Trees For Remembrance



A "Remembrance Park" will be established in Tsitsernakaberd. Each
of the political figures and ambassadors participating in the
tree-planting will plant their "remembrance trees" on April 22. Each
participant will post a ribbon with the words "I remember". On that
day, 95 trees will be planted to symbolize the 95th anniversary of
the Armenian Genocide.

The "Kanach Serund-2010" (Green Generation) environmental protection
drive is organized by the Foundation for Preservation of Wilderness
and Cultural Values, "VIVA CELL-MTS" and the Armenian Genocide

Organizers of "Kanach Serund-2010" say they will also clean the
Armenian Genocide complex. On April 24, all flowers dedicated to the
victims of the Armenian Genocide will be refined, turned into paper
and donated to the Armenian Genocide museum-institute.

Within the framework of this drive, the "Green Bus" will tour the
capital to distribute books and DVDs on environmental protection to
citizens. Similar actions will be held in the provinces as well.

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