BAKU: Aliyev: "We Were Promised That There Will Be Very Serious Work


April 15 2010

Baku – APA. "We entered in a very decisive stage of the solution to
Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno Karabakh", said President
of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at the cabinet meeting dedicated to
socio-economic outcomes of first quarter of 2010, APA reports.

The Head of State said he shared his ideas about this issue with
public community and expressed the position of Azerbaijan many times.

"But the events are rapidly developing and of course, I would like to
express my ideas about the current stage of the negotiation process
and official position of the government of Azerbaijan as well. We
noted many times that the conflict could be solved only on the
basis of international law. Four resolutions adopted by UN Security
Council must be fulfilled, the occupation forces must be withdrawn
from all of the occupied lands and Azerbaijani citizens – refugees
and internally displaced persons must return to the occupied lands,
including Nagorno Karabakh. The status of Nagorno Karabakh can be
determined only after that and this status can be granted only within
the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan will never agree
with any status out of that. No one will recognize Nagorno Karabakh
as an independent subject upon our disagreement".

"After return of our citizens to the occupied lands the temporary
status of Nagorno Karabakh can find its solution", said the President
and emphasized that the status could be only within the territorial
integrity of Azerbaijan. According to the Head of State, in very
beginning and throughout the negotiation process, the position
of Azerbaijan was that Nagorno Karabakh can receive the highest
autonomous status in the world. "We are loyal to this position and
in distinction from Armenians we never conducted ethnic cleansing
operations and we never had such intentions. Sometimes we hear very
ridiculous statements from Armenia that if Azerbaijan’s proposal
is accepted there will be no Armenians in Nagorno Karabakh. Let
them not to judge us by their own standard. Azerbaijani people never
discriminate other nations. In distinction from Armenia, we are not a
mono-state. All peoples and representatives of all nations are living
in our country as a family. This is our feature, our mind. Armenia
may be only country in the world, I mean non-island country, that no
other nations except Armenians are living there, despite that present
Armenia was established in the historic lands of Azerbaijan and most
of the population of Iravan Khanate was Azerbaijanis. This is our
historic land, but Azerbaijanis were expelled from present Armenian by
different ways and methods. Not only Azerbaijanis, but representatives
of other nations too were expelled from Armenia, killed, oppressed
or Armenia created such conditions for them that they were forced
to leave that country. Therefore Azerbaijan never conducts ethnic
cleansing policy against any one and will never do that".

The President said if Armenia accepted the proposals which reflected
the norms of international law, Azerbaijani and Armenian communities
would live together in Nagorno Karabakh and they must do that. "Living
of Azerbaijanis there will prove the historic justice and it will
completely be in accordance with the norms of international law.

Armenia must express its position in present stage. We were
expressing our position to the heads of states and governments of
the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair countries for long years. Armenia is
artificially prolonging the negotiations. Armenia is not sincere in
the negotiations and delaying the negotiations under the different
pretexts. It returns back to the coordinated issues and repeatedly
brings them to agenda that it can win the time. They consider that in
due course, this "status-quo" will be strengthened and ten or twenty
years later there will be useful opportunities to legitimate illegal
Nagorno Karabakh regime. We informed the Minsk Group ambassadors and
heads of states and governments many times that we have doubts on that
and these doubts were created not by nonentity. They have backgrounds
that Armenia is delaying negotiations trying to turn them into endless
process as if it participates in the negotiations and therefore it
needs not to impose sanctions against them. They attempt to accuse
Azerbaijan in delaying the negotiations. We approach such stage that
Armenia’s insidious and double-face policy can not be continued. We
are in such stage that they have to respond the proposals of the Minsk
Group co-chairs. The three Minsk Group co-chair countries elaborated
the proposal on the basis of renewed Madrid principles and submitted
it to both sides. Of course, Azerbaijani diplomacy played a great role
in forming of this proposal and giving it current form. If we look at
the early phase of the process, which was called the "Prague process",
we can see that there were many points which didn’t satisfy us. There
were very dangerous points and mechanisms which threatened Nagorno
Karabakh to separate it from Azerbaijan. As a result of our efforts
in the past five years within the framework of Prague process, and I
think, as a result of the co-chair’s new views, we are discussing today
the proposals elaborated on renewed Madrid principles. This was a great
process. Armenia tried to leave this process by the different ways
in the different periods. They made themselves ridiculous sometimes
leaving the process, sometimes interrupting it for unknown reasons
and not informing anyone about that. We see that they are ready to
do everything, even to make themselves ridiculous. They are ready
to introduce themselves as a country with non-constructive position
that only to achieve endless process of negotiations and to make the
world calm that the negotiations are going on and there is no war. Let
them to negotiate if they want that. We already reached that line that
both Armenian and Azerbaijani sides must express their positions. We
expressed our position. Azerbaijan officially expressed it position in
the negotiations with Armenian president in Munich last November and
in the last trilateral meeting in Sochi wit participation of Russian
president Medvedev that it accepts the proposals made on the basis
of renewed Madrid principles and it contains few unsettling points
for Azerbaijan. There can be few exceptions and this proposal can be
considered as a background for a peace agreement. Unfortunately Armenia
has not expressed its position so far and it has not expressed any
position in the past two months, and as we were informed, the issues
they added to this proposal will return us back to the beginning of the
process. It can not be accepted by us or by the OSCE Minsk Group. We
were promised that there will be very serious work with Armenia to
assure them to accept the new proposals. We are in this stage.

Of course we are analyzing the situation, ongoing processes in the
region and expecting Armenia to give a positive answer to the proposals
of the three countries – Russia, France and America, in this case we
will hold negotiations actively, the new stage of the negotiations
will begin, work will begin on the concrete agreement. If they do not
accept this proposal, I think the negotiations will lose their meaning,
it is inadmissible for us to hold negotiations just for imitation.

The head of state mentioned that he had said they would not hold
negotiations for imitation.

"We will hold the negotiations by the time we have hope that they will
produce results. If we see there is no hope, the negotiations should
be stopped and of course a new stage will begin. It is still early
to say what that stage will consist of. Anyway, we are ready for any
scenario. We are making our preparations so that we can take steps
in accordance with the situation. I consider and want to underline
once more that in the present stage it is obvious for all, including
the co-chairing countries that the Armenian side is upsetting the
negotiations. If earlier the co-chairing countries wanted to ignore
it, now it is impossible to do it. It is obvious for them that the
Armenian side is upsetting the negotiations. In this situation I am
sure that serious work should be done with the Armenian side.

Stimulating Armenia, giving them hope and ignoring their aggressive
policy may upset the negotiations. Therefore I consider that under
the present decisive stage all countries, especially Minsk Group
co-chairing countries should be very sensitive. Those who are not
familiar with the situation closely should try to study the situation
in the region, at least read about the ongoing historical processes in
the region from the books, learn the history of the past twenty years.

I do not want to blame anybody, if they do not know, they should learn,
come to conclusion, take right steps. But such a political support is
given to Armenia that it may refuse the negotiations after all. Is
it right to leave Nagorno Karabakh out of account and discuss other
issues? It is quite wrong, mistaken and contradicts Azerbaijan’s
national interests. What position can we demonstrate to those who
demonstrate the position contradicting our national interests?! How
can we protect, support the interests of those who violate our
interests? No matter whether countries are big or small, everything is
mutual in the world. It is not we who invented it. The world community
is functioning basing on this. The economic potential, military power,
population or territory can not play role in the bilateral relations.

If so then the UN should stop functioning. All countries have
equal rights and all countries establish and should establish equal
relations. Azerbaijan is a country accepting only this approach. Of
course, how can Azerbaijani public accept it, if our interests are left
out of consideration, the occupation of our territories is ignored and
efforts are made to lead the aggressor state out of the hard economic
situation?! Why aren’t pressures exerted on the aggressor state?! Why
does Azerbaijan demonstrate almost the greatest constructiveness in the
negotiations, while Armenia upsets the negotiations?! We are observing
the efforts aiming to lead Armenia out of this hard situation. Why
should Turkey-Armenia borders be opened and Armenia should take a
breath?! First of all, the opening of Turkey-Armenia borders is the
affair of Turkey and Armenia. No one should interfere in it, neither
we, nor the others. Though some countries consider that they should
interfere in everything. These are the relations between the two
countries. Let these two countries solve the relations. Of course,
while solving the relations these countries will take into account the
ongoing processes in the region, history and historical relations. What
do the sides that are unaware of anything, the ongoing processes in
the region want to achieve by pressure, blackmail and slander?! This
policy openly contradicts Azerbaijan’s interests. Azerbaijani state
is taking and will take adequate steps in its policy.

As regards the process of negotiations, I want to reiterate: we still
hope that the Armenian side will give a positive answer to the proposed
variant. If it is so, we will hold peace talks more actively, a new
stage, positive stage can be opened in the negotiations," he said.

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