BAKU: Turkish Premier: Decisions Made By Parliaments Don’t Benefit A


April 13 2010

Baku – APA. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on
Monday that the decisions (regarding Armenian allegations on 1915
incidents) that were made by parliaments did not benefit Armenia,
APA reports quoting web-page. Erdogan attended opening
of Ali Vural Ak Global Islam Studies Center established at the George
Mason University in Washington, D.C. and deliver a speech on "the
Alliance of Civilizations as Vision of Global Peace".

In regard to 1915 incidents, Erdogan said historians should deal with
the matter and documents and archives should be studied to reveal the
fact. "Parliaments don’t write history and they don’t judge," he said.

"We put forth our documents and archives. We also said a history
commission should be established to deal with the matter, but we did
not receive an answer to our call," he said.

Recalling that the 3rd forum of Alliance of Civilizations would take
place in Brazil in May, Erdogan said it showed that the Alliance of
Civilizations project has become a global one. The 4th one would be
held in Doha capital of Qatar in 2011, he added.

Turkish government has established friendly relations with all
countries especially neighboring countries in the past seven and half
years, he said.

Erdogan said Turkey and Syria launched a process of full cooperation
and the two countries were exerting efforts to restore peace in the
region. Despite global economic crisis which started in 2008, Turkey
remarkably increased its exports to 22 countries, he said.

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