High Taxes Hinder IT Sector Development: Engibaryan


10:27 09.04.10

Companies in IT sector have recently been complaining about high
taxes and customs which hamper the development of the sector. Though
IT companies hold periodic discussions, presenting their demands to
the tax and customs services representatives, the problems they face
have not been solved yet.

Head of Enterprise Incubator Foundation Bagrat Engibaryan told Tert.am
that the state should review its policy in this sector.

"If we want to have a knowledge-based economy, we should take risky
steps and separate the technology from other sectors. Nowhere in the
world is the technology sector being developed with an equal approach,"
said Engibaryan.

According to him today taxes levied from the IT sector are equalized
with those levied in other sectors of the economy, while "here a
value is made which is thousand-fold more expensive."

"We do have capabilities. Few are the sectors when the Armenian model
is being practiced in other countries in the world. That is why the
Indians are creating a regional center in Armenia, and that means we
have potential that should be developed," said Engibaryan.

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