Armenian Assembly Building Support For U.S. Affirmation Of The Armen

09.04.2010 11:20

The Armenian Assembly of America welcomed the support of the Arizona
Ecumenical Council (AEC) regarding H.Res. 252, which affirms the U.S.

record on the Armenian Genocide.

The AEC sent a letter to all Members of the Arizona Congressional
Delegation urging support of the Armenian Genocide resolution currently
pending before the House and Senate.

The letter read in part: "Ninety-five years ago, the Ottoman Turks
undertook a mass campaign to systematically destroy and eradicate
all traces of Armenian civilization throughout Anatolia. Rather than
acknowledging the Genocide and enabling both Turks and Armenians to
move beyond this dark period in its history, Turkey has chosen to
employ high paid lobbyists to stop the U.S. from passing an Armenian
Genocide Resolution."

AEC Executive Director Reverend Jan Olav Flaaten said, "As brothers
and sisters in Christ, we rejoice when members rejoice, and we weep
when members of the Christian family weep. It is a sign of our unity."

Under the leadership of Rev. Flaaten, the Council currently represents
more than 1.5 million individuals from 18 Christian denominations
throughout the state of Arizona.

The letter to Congress reflects the continuing outreach efforts by
the Armenian Assembly. Over the past year, the Assembly’s Western
Region Director Yeghig Keshishian has worked closely with Reverend
Flaaten and Father Zacharia Saribekyan of St. Apkar Armenian Apostolic
Church of Arizona to encourage greater civic action. Together, they
have broadened the local Arizona community’s understanding of the
Armenian Genocide.

"The solidarity of the Arizona Ecumenical Council is a testament to
the important work of the Council in helping to heal the wounds of the
Armenian Genocide," stated Keshishian. "On behalf of the Assembly,
we welcome the Council’s support and the Christian community it
represents, and we look forward to broadening our outreach even more,"
he added.

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