Australia Changes Stance On Genocide?

April 6 2010

The letter by Australian Foreign Minister voiced on SBS Radio World
View program, government did not say the word "genocide" to label
1915 events, Nouvelles d’Arménie magazine reads.

Australia, unlike three MPs – Maxine McKew, Paul Fletcher and Joe
Hockey, supports creation of historians’ commission offered by Ankara
in Armenia-Turkey Protocols.

President of Armenian National Committee of Australia Varant
Meguerditchian commented on the statement by Premier Kevin Rudd,
that criticized Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for backing
creation of commission to study Holocaust.

Meguerditchian accused Rudd of using double standards in human rights
policy carried out by Australian government. ANC Australia drew up
a petition saying that Armenian Genocide is recognized by numerous
parliaments worldwide.

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