First Turkish Book Of Art Translated Into Armenian

02.04.2010 13:13

Turkey and Armenia have initiated a common project. A theater play
by Hasan Erkek has been translated into Armenian by the Armenian
Publishers Union with the help of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

‘EÅ~_ik’ (Cradle) is the first book that breaks the trend of
translations only touching on historical problems between the
neighboring countries.

The Armenian Publishers Union and the Turkish Ministry of Culture
and Tourism have collaborated on a special project. Armenian readers
will now be able to read a book on art rather than ones that examine
historical problems between the two countries.

The book will be promoted at a ceremony in May at the Armenian
Publishers’ Union. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism participated
through subsidizing the translation through the Opening Turkish
Literature to the World, or TEDA, a project, which works to publish
Turkish cultural, artistic and literary works in foreign languages,
the Hurriyet Daily News reports.

The writer of the book, titled "EÅ~_ik" (Cradle), Anadolu University
State Conservatory member and the Playwrights and Interpreters
Association Chairman Hasan Erkek said his book was published in
Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. "I hope this coincidence will make
a contribution to peace among these three countries. I believe that
we will progress more by developing a culture of empathy through art
rather than harsh political statements."

Speaking to the Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review, the Armenian
translator of the book, Meline Anumyan, who is a member of the Hrachya
Acharyan University Turkish literature department and the Armenian
Society Radio Turkish broadcast editor, said, "I am very pleased to
translate a book on art rather than history and politics."

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