Typical Example


16:10:46 – 25/03/2010

The former Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan, dwelling on the Armenian
economic situation and the influence of the corruption on it, brought
an example:

Alex Grig Company paid 15 billion indirect taxes in 2009, according to
the official data. In order to pay such a tax, you need to have a
money circulation of 70 billion dram which is 200 million dollar. He
adds that in accordance with the same numbers, the company paid 40
million of tax profit which means that the company had a profit of
maximum 400 thousand dollars. Dividing 400 thousand into 200 million
we will get a profit of 0, 02 percent. Such a company cannot exist,
says Hrant Bagratyan adding that instead of insulting our neighbors,
we need to take care of our country.

Bagratyan says if we go on behaving this way, others will again
slaughter us, and we do not need to complain.

By the way, the owner of Alex Grig Company is NA member Samvel Alexanyan.


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