Struggle Of "Teammates" Getting Tenser


March 23, 2010

The statements of the former minister of foreign affairs of Armenia
Vardan Oskanyan regarding the current unfavorable situation of the
regulation of the NKR conflict have created a real panic within the
government. Oskanyan has said that Armenia has appeared in the same
phase as in 1998 and one of the ways of overcoming the crisis is the
change of the government. Especially the last thought has originated
the anger of the RPA members, who have without lingering responded
to the statements of Oskanyan. "He had been our teammate for 10 years.

Oskanyan, Robert Kocharyan and others are our teammates. We are
continuing the policy of Robert Kocharyan, Oskanyan and why not
even Serzh Sargsyan’s policy but we are being criticized because
they are not in the government any more. Why shall we resign if we
have turned our country into a serious factor in the world?" stated
the RPA deputy-chair Razmik Zohrabyan. Oskanyan has been making
such criticizing statements for over a year now but we have never
responded to those. The governmental wing has been ignoring those. It
is obvious that this "sentiment" of the RPA members is stipulated by
the possible return of Kocharyan into politics. This means that the
government is feeling fear in this regard. Perhaps it is no accident
that the government feels certain hazard in that. It is no accident
that among the ones, who responded to the statements of Oskanyan
was also Edward Sharmazanov, RPA spokesperson. This means that in
this affair are in charge those RPA members, who are responding
to the statements of the Armenian National Congress and the first
president Levon Ter-Petrosyan in an online mode. By the way, in an
"interesting coincidence" Oskanyan’s remarks were heard only after the
famous announcement of the chair of the Prosperous Armenia Party Gagik
Tsarukyan addressed to the minister of economy Nerses Yeritsyan. So
we may say that the RPA-Kocharyan conflict is entering a new phase.

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