State Cuts Budget For Foot-And-Mouth Vaccinations

17:09 23.03.10

This year the portion of the state budget that was to be allocated
for vaccinations against foot-and-mouth disease in Armenia has been
cut due to the economic crisis, said Grisha Baghiyan, head of the
Department on Food Security and Veterinary Services State Inspectorate
at the RA Ministry of Agriculture, at a press conference today.

If last year both large and small livestock were being vaccinated
against the disease, this year it will be possible to vaccinate
only large livestock (that is, cattle and not sheep or goats),
due to these budgetary cutbacks, since this year the state budget
has allocated only 500 million dram for the purpose, while in 2009,
that amount was 1 billion dram.

Baghiyan assured that, so far, no cases of foot-and-mouth disease
have been registered in Armenia this year.

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