Protocols’ Fate Turned Vague

March 22 2010

The fate of Armenia-Turkey Protocols turned vague under the recent

Turkish Today’s Zaman says on the threshold of April 24 Turkey’s
concerns over the possible statement by the White House on Armenian
Genocide are increasing, as it is yet unclear whether the U.S.

President will fulfill his pledge and pronounce the word "genocide".

According to the daily, this year relations between the states became
more complex due "to harsh statements, lack of trust and unhappy
politicians from both sides."

The source quotes Istanbul-based director of the Europe Program of
the International Crisis Group Sabine Freizer, who deems that it would
be better for Turkey to ratify the documents till April 24, "because
one of the protocols includes the establishment of a commission for
an impartial scientific examination of the historical records and
archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations."

"It is clear that Turkey will not ratify the protocols and that as
a consequence Armenia will rescind them," Today’s Zaman quotes Boris
Navasardian, president of the Yerevan Press Club.

He mentions that there are no precise terms for ratification and
deadline might be extended till April 24, 2010. Meanwhile, there is
nothing but "a critical lack of trust and respect" between the states.

According to him, Armenia and Turkey are presently worried about
"how to withdraw from the process with minimal losses."

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