G. Sahakyan: Armenia Is In Good Conditions


March 19 2010

The head of the Republican Party of the RA, Galust Sahakyan assesses
positively the international relations of Armenia.

"Our positions are stable as the principles accepted by the Armenian
President due to his initiative policy are still preserved in
our political processes," today said G. Sahakyan during the press

The deputy mentioned that they still have a lot of work to do in order
to take the "syndrome of fear" from the psychology of the Armenians.

He explained that he meant the reaction within the Turkish – Armenians
which occurred after the PM of Turkey Erdogan announced that the
citizens of Armenia living illegally in Turkey will be deported from
the country.

"The Turkish history is a bloody history since the very first day
of the establishment of its statehood. It became bloody when they
conquered our cities," stressed the speaker.

"I think they will find themselves in a better situation after the
establishment of the Armenian – Turkish relations and recognition
of the Genocide, only then the stains of blood will disappear from
their hands," G. Sahakyan mentioned.

"We will not bargain with Turkey in the Armenian – Turkish relations
because those relations are diplomatic," he mentioned.

"I don’t think that we will stay apart from the depressions, and
that it will be very easy, or that the international community by its
statements will create preferable conditions for us, but at present
we are in a better situation," concluded the head of the ARP.

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