Eduard Abramyan: Armenia is a security guarantee for Russia

Eduard Abramyan: Armenia is a security guarantee for Russia

13.03.2010 16:45 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations is in
the limelight of regional and international powers, an Armenian expert

`Moscow, Washington and Brussels are encouraging the process. At that,
the EU and US aim to push Russia and Iran off the Armenian economic
area,’ Eduard Abramyan, leader of Neoconservative Movement said during
a round table discussion on perspectives of strengthening strategic
partnership between Armenia and Russia.

`Maneuvering between Moscow and Tbilisi, Ankara had to offer the
so-called security platform. Highly appreciating the initiative,
Russia `forgot’ to include Turkey in the list of countries supplying
Georgia with armament. With Moscow’s consent, Turkey signed the
protocols in Zurich but stated that rapprochement is possible only in
case progress is registered in Karabakh talks. Yet, this position was
strongly opposed by Moscow and Washington insisting that these two
processes are not interrelated,’ he said.

Abramyan also emphasized that opening of the border will help Turkey
exert economic and political leverage on Armenia.

`Serving as a security guarantee for Russia, Armenia should become a
major power in the region to neutralize the danger,’ he said.

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