Turkey recalls U.S. ambassador over "genocide" resolution

Xinhua, China
March 4 2010

Turkey recalls U.S. ambassador over "genocide" resolution

ANKARA March 4

Turkey temporarily recalled its ambassador to the United States
minutes after a U.S. congressional panel approved a resolution
labeling the incidents of 1915 as " genocide", said the Turkish
government in a statement on Thursday.

"We condemn this resolution which charges Turkish nation with a crime
that it did not commit," the statement said.

"Under the influence of political motives, supporters of this
resolution have taken a wrong and unjust stance ignoring historical
facts and difference of opinion among experts," the statement said.

"The resolution includes tangible errors related to the incidents of
1915, and it has completely been prepared with a one- sided approach,"
it said.

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs
approved the resolution on Armenian allegations on Thursday.

The committee approved the resolution on incidents of 1915 — which
took place shortly before the fall of the Ottoman Empire — with 23
votes against 22.

The resolution was proposed by Democrats Adam Schiff and Frank Pallone
and Republicans George Radanovich and Mark Kirk, all important figures
for the Armenian lobby in the United States.

Turkish government also expressed concern that the non-binding
resolution could damage Turkish-U.S. relations and efforts to
normalize relations between Turkey and Armenia.

Turkey and Armenia signed two protocols last October to normalize
relations; however, parliaments of the two countries have not passed
them yet.

Turkey strongly rejects genocide allegations and regards the events as
civil strife in wartime which claimed lives of many Turks and

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