What Garnik Isagulyan Wanted To Say


14:33:31 – 04/03/2010

The head of the Center of Political Studies under the RA president
Garnik Isagulyan stated today that from the point of the national
security, the Armenian and Turkish relations are a new way, new
infrastructures, and new relations. "Armenia showed that even in case
the border was not closed by its party, it is ready to collaborate
with Turkey to establish diplomatic relations and to open the border",
said Garnik Isagulyan.

He accepted that in the text of the Armenian and Turkish protocols,
there were points causing worry even within circles close to the
president. Serge Sargsyan himself warned about it in his address
when signing the protocols. "Nevertheless, there was an agreement
that these issues will not return, and only the opening of borders
and establishing diplomatic relations will be discussed. And Armenia
has proved that it can come out of the situation, in any case, the
pressure is now mainly on Turkey. In addition, the decision of the
Constitutional Court closed the way for different interpretations of
the protocols", said Isagulyan.

Commenting on the process of the NKR issue settlement, Isagulyan
stated that Armenia has already sent its proposals in connection with
the updated principles of Madrid to OSCE. He did not go into details
but only stated that among the proposals, there may be the demand for
a NKR representative’s participation in the negotiations. "Armenia
did not occupy territories to give them back now. In connection
with territorial issues, they need to negotiate exceptionally with
Karabakh", noted the analyst.

He also noted that separation of the Armenian and Turkish process and
the NKR issue enabled to ease the pressure. "When there are several
problems, the pressure, in essence, on one issue stops since there
are other issues interesting the superpowers", says Garnik Isagulyan.


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