The ARF young wing against Azerbaijan’s violence

Aysor, Armenia
Feb 27 2010

The ARF young wing against Azerbaijan’s violence

Today at 11:00 by the initiation of the youth union in front of the
Azerbaijani embassy in Greece hold a demonstration.


Since 1988 each year on February 28 the all Armenians remember the
massacres realized against the Armenians by the Azerbaijani in the
Sumgait city. The Sumgait events alarmed about the start of new a wave
of Genocide realizing by the Azerbaijani against the Armenians. The
Armenians living in Kirovabad, Ghazakh, Khnalar, Dashkesan,
Mingechaur, Baku and other regions became the victim of this wave. The
Armenians living in Azerbaijan became refugees losing their own rights
and interests’, – says the release of the ARF young wing in Greece.

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