EU To Call Ankara To Account Concerning Ratification Of Protocols


2010-02-26 10:28:00

As Secretary General of the European Friends of Armenia organization
(EuFoA) Michael Kambeck told ArmInfo, he knows in details that the
new Supreme Representative Baroness ‘atherine Ashton as EU minister
for foreign affairs will shortly publicly reference to the issue of
the Armenian-Turkish process.

According to M. Kambeck, C. Ashton will make an appeal to express EU
gratitude to the Armenian party for the measures towards ratification
of the Protocols and call on Ankara to follow the lead of Yerevan. He
said Turkey has to remember that the whole world keeps an eye on this
process. EU is too tired of the fact that Turkey signs international
treaties but never ratifies or fulfills them, like it was in case
with Cyprus. He added that uniqueness of this process is that EU,
the USA and Russia achieved a consensus and advocate unconditional
and timely ratification of Protocols. According to Kambeck, this
consensus lays a foundation and quite favourable conditions for EU
actions, responsible for efficient implementation of the principle of
multilateral relations in the international arena. He recalled that
EU has new and more effective standards to rule its foreign policy.

He said that at present European Union has all the necessary means to
reach the ambitions proclaimed to become a stronger and initiating
player in the Caucasus. The EU wants peace and development and may
reach it when cooperating with Russia and thge USA. In fact, it will
mean general application of all 27 member-states which call on Turkey
to ratify the Protocols, Mr. Kambeck said.

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