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NKR Government Information and
Public Relations Department
February 23, 2010

At the NKR Government Session

Chaired by Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan, the Cabinet met in a
planned session at the Office of Government.

The Government has approved programme of activities of several
departments for 2010, proposed amendments to several laws of the NKR
and decisions previously adopted by the Government.

The Cabinet has approved documents submitted by the Ministry of
Finance. One of them concerns No. 130 decision of the NKR Government
adopted in 2004, according to which deposit repayment may receive
depositors born till 1964 inclusive in Artsakhbank CSJC. The Prime
Minister assigned Ministry of Finance to specify amount sum and finish
the first phase of deposit repayment till 2011.

The decision has been passed to amend standing Government decree
No. 173 from 2008, "On service machines of the NKR state bodies,
fuel and oiling expenses and on defining tenure of employment of
tires and accumulators".

The Executive has approved decisions concerning the education
system. It was decided to open classes in the secondary schools of
Goghtanik and Gandza of Qashatagh region for new pupils.

According to another draft proposed by Minister of education and
science V. Khachatryan the Government defined the order of working
and days off for employees of educational institutions.

The Government has also approved draft law on making amendments to
the NKR law "On civil status acts", proposed by the Justice Ministry.

It is foreseen to abolish contradiction inter norms of law and simplify
registration of acts, etc.

The other law draft has proposed changes in the NKR law "On local
self-governance". According to it new obligations and authorities
are conferred to the head of region in organizing defense.

The above-mentioned law drafts would be submitted to the NA for

Under the amendments has passed the decision No.39 "On using unclaimed
property, material and financial values levied in favour of the state
by right of succession". The amendment defines that during the process
of property penalty in the name of state, with writ of execution, acts
the NKR Office of Prosecutor and in the exaction of dues, with writ of
execution, acts State Statistic Service adjunct to the NKR Government.

The Executive decided to define corresponding programme of measurements
for organizing May holidays and create governmental commission (head:
Defense Minister M.Hakobyan).

The Government has also approved the culture and youth programme of
activities to be carried out by budget means.

Concerned discussion enlarged on defining new order of holding a tender
for choosing organization for regular transportation of passengers.

Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan has noted that this problem requires
urgent decision.

At the session the Government approved state order of TV and radio
programmes broadcasting (by state budget means) in the territory of
NKR in 2010.

The executive also approved complex programme of real estate cadastre
development for 2010 to be financed by means of state budget.

By the end of the year it is supposed to carry out activities to the
total cost of AMD 34 million funded under State Budget expenditures.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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